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My name is Hansel, and I am a witch hunter.

…at least, I thought I was.

Initially I figured I was fairly immune to the typical hexes and curses of witches and their dark magic. Perhaps I’ve been struck in the face too many times. It all started when my sister and I engaged this Spanish witch who claimed she had found the fountain of eternal youth. I can’t exactly remember the rest of the details since I was too engrossed in having my ass handed to me amidst trying to set hers on fire. One thing led to another and now suddenly I’m on this strange island that apparently talks and gives commands like I’m some kind of inferior peon.

I can only assume that “The Island” is either an entity that’s acting crazy…or I’m dead. I’m out here with no weapons, no directions, no ideas, and a shit-ton of things that want to have me for breakfast. Truth be told I’m probably no worse off than I am on a normal day, but this can certainly be accounted for as a significant setback.

As you can also see, this is a game. A game of survival. A game of extremities. A game that relishes on the unfortunate events of all its inhabitants. I would recommend you stay away, but that wouldn’t be a whole heck of a lot of fun now, would it? Don’t bother donning your best weapons and skills; the crazy talking Island is just going to take them from you anyway. Join me, and a slew of other unfortunate souls, as we attempt to out-smart a divine entity that can pretty much do whatever it wants to us and laugh along the way.

CLICK HERE to see the main site for rules and information. Then when you feel you’ve mustered the courage, create a Dreamwidth account and APPLY HERE. I’ll see you on the other side.

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